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Expert financial advice is essential for a business to be successful. Our accountants will provide you with the means to move forward with confidence.
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Why work with SMEtric Chartered Accountants?

If you join with us, we offer a free Cash Flow Assessment and Benchmarking Analysis so that you can better understand how your business is performing and key issues to address to improve your performance. We produce accounts you can understand and explain what it means going forward. Our experts can provide advice on generating more cash from your business. One of our SMEtric Chartered Accountants from our Auckland office can help with:

- End of year accounts and tax
- Monthly Management Reports
- Cash flow forecasts
- Performance reporting
- Business advisory services
- Virtual CFO Services
- Investigating Accountant Reports

Professional accounting services in Auckland

Investigating Accountant Reports

An Investigating Accountant’s Report is an independent business review that is undertaken to understand what makes your business tick. It seeks to identify both the good and the bad aspects of the business and to determine what options are available to improve the bottom line performance of the business.  An Investigating Accountant Report is usually done to report on concerns raised by a lender or shareholder of the business. It summarises the business review in a frank but constructive manner. 

Virtual CFO Services

As SMEs grow, their financial situations often become more complex. With a Virtual CFO they can bring in much needed financial expertise on a flexible and affordable basis. This expertise was previously beyond the reach of smaller businesses. But not now. CFOs spend their time on revenue strategies, profitability enhancement and cash flow while an accountant often handles the historical numbers for a business: the bookkeeping, closing the books and taxes. A CFO keeps track of the company’s day-to-day financial operations while contributing to any number of financial projects and tasks. This includes, but is not limited to:
- Track business performance and work with the production team or project managers on ways to increase profitability.

- Complete a benchmarking analysis to compare your business with against others in your industry.

- Supporting the sales and marketing teams.

- Helping raise capital

- Managing cash flow forecasts.

- Coordinating with a company’s key financial advisers.

- Providing the data you need to make the best possible decisions for the short and long-term future of your company.
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At SMEtric, we have a team of experienced CFOs that can provide these services as required and at an affordable rate. Contact us for a free business assessment to learn how you can benefit from our Cash Flow Management and CFO services.
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